Bringing Life Back To A Rug With Rug Restoration

Don't look at area rug deterioration as something abnormal. Even the best area rug will break down after years of use, and just because this happens doesn't mean you're destined to get an area rug replacement. You may just need rug restoration services, and these are what we've been delivering since we opened our doors years ago.
We have the tools, know-how, materials, and machines necessary to execute any kind of rug restoration job, and these days rug owners in Manhattan know that we're going above and beyond for our clients. Whether you need rug reweaving, rug recoloring, rug binding, rug fringing, or another rug restoration service, we’ll be there for you. We’ll always handle your rugs with care, and when you get them back from us you'll think they were just purchased the other day. Here's more on the rug restoration services we’re delivering right now.


What Is Recoloring And Why Is It Sought?

We employ first-rate rug recoloring experts, and they've been recoloring rugs and carpets for several years. They are licensed and certified, so you can trust that they'll always do whatever is possible to ensure excellent work is delivered. We understand that area rugs are special to most rug owners, in large part because they boast beautiful colors and unique designs. When you get rug recoloring from us, you don't have to worry about the rug dye running or the rug’s design being altered; our technicians are detailed and precise.

Rug Reweaving Is A Service We Deliver Often

Rug reweaving is a service that you should get once you notice your rug is unraveling. You don't want to ignore an unraveling rug. The longer the rug is allowed to unravel, the harder it'll be to get the rug back together. Rug reweaving is one of those rug restoration services that can save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. Hand-woven rugs need reweaving the most, but area rugs—specifically those that have been damaged by insects—can benefit from reweaving as well.

When Area Rug Binding Can Be Useful

We’ll bind your rug using either binding tape or a special sewing machine. We can bind rugs that are hundreds of years old. Binding is a common rug restoration service, and once you get this it's likely you won’t have to get this for several years. Making rugs sound through binding is something we’ll do for an affordable price. We’ll have your rugs back to you before you miss them.

Why Is Rug Fringing Sought Sometimes?

We know that the fringe is the most important part of the rug, so when this begins to deteriorate, you should get a handle on the situation immediately. Hire us to do rug fringing. We’ll sure-up the fringe so it doesn't cause you any more problems. It'll be like making your rug’s backbone secure. If a rug’s fringe is left to deteriorate, the rug will soon be rendered useless.